Creative Arts For Child Care

Whether it is a Picasso, Monet or a finger painting by your little one; art is loved by all. Playing with clay or making a sculpture out of boxes and paper are both fun art activities that are great teaching moments. The lessons art teaches your child are numerous. The fun it can bring is priceless.

Creative Arts At A Glance


We love creative arts at 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten. We use art and teach art as much as we can at our school. Not only does art help grow a child’s imagination but it is a great way to teach other subjects. Finger painting is fun…but you can teach colors, numbers and science while doing it!

Learning a little about the great artists can show where art comes from and how it is created. The arts can also show our students that there are other people on earth that we can help through our art sales for charity. Did you know cooking is an art? Creating a delicious dish uses a lot of creativity and imagination…not to mention you can eat it.

By cooking and baking our students learn math, science and even social skills. Our school cannot give enough praise to creative arts and the arts in general. It will always be a large part of our school and curriculum.