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Finding a decent daycare in Calgary is a daunting task. Not only do you have to find a place that is relatively close to home or work, it also has to meet so many expectations that we as parents can’t overlook. We experienced two different daycares/day homes before we found 2000 Days, so we knew a good thing when we finally found it.

When you first walk through the doors of 2000 Days Daycare, what you’ll first notice is the positivity. There are real smiles on the faces of the staff and parents. There’s an energy here that feels like home. It’s positive and caring. At a first glance, it looks like a miniature school. Cubby holes line the hallways between every classroom stuffed with jackets, boots and everything else our little ones need. Colourful children’s art lines the walls. It’s full of life. It’s apparent that the people working here actually love working with children. It’s not the only job that they could find. They are smart, dedicated and most important of all, care for the children as if they were their own. This is why we are happy to drop our son off here 5 days a week. Sure, there are some mornings where there are more tears than smiles, but everyday I pick him up and he’s smiling and happy.

The teachers actually PLAN the days. During the day, I know he will be busy doing things that are both educational and fun (driving cars into shaving cream anyone? Yes please!). I’m in awe of all the activities they do. Everyday really is a new day at 2000 Days. This is how it should be at every daycare or day home. These first years in a child’s life are so instrumental in their development and I couldn’t be more fortunate and thankful that we found this place. We really feel like the staff here are part of our family.

Drew and Rachel C

We were looking for a school like this and finally found it. We did not want typical daycare. We wanted something better. We found it here. 2000 Days has been nothing but amazing for our daughter. She loves it there. She has a hard time leaving, which for us is a good sign. She is always telling us what she is learning. Would highly recommend to any parent, and do!
Robin F

Our little dude has thrived at 2000 Days and actually can’t wait to get there in the morning. “Papa, Papa. School” all while pointing outside trying to hurry me along. When we arrive he runs over and hugs his teacher who always welcomes him like he was her own. An absolutely great feeling for any parent.
Jay M

It is, above anything else, the quality of the staff working at 2000 Days Daycare that differentiates it from other daycares that I knew in Ontario and visited here in Calgary before meeting Marlene. They work with children because they love children. In addition, the facility is always pleasantly clean and tidy. This daycare also has a kitchen with a chef who prepares fresh, healthy meals for the kids following a posted menu which has always impressed me for the well balanced diet and the great variety of dishes served. I would strongly recommend this daycare…if you are looking for a place, come for a visit, you won’t regret it!

Fredrica P

Dear 2000 Days Daycare,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for our son and our family.

When Thomas turned 1 we were nervous about starting daycare, and being away from him.  The integration process was amazing for us, Thomas gained confidence and our hearts were filled with joy as we watched him adjust.

Every day we reflect on how lucky we were to find you.  Thomas is learning so much, and is exposed to enriching activities that are helping his development.  We see this at home in new skills je is proud to show us, and in the pictures posted on HiMama. (Which is incredible, we love the daily updates as they bring joy to our workdays).

We could keep going, the healthy good, gym, creative spaces, etc.  But the thing you do that we appreciate most is provide a safe, loving, climate.  Every adult in your building cares for our son, not because it’s their job but because it comes from their hearts.  We are so grateful to be a part of the family.

Thomas, Sean and Robin

Thank you for all you’ve done: loving RJ, keeping him safe, teaching his ABC’s, encouraging him and making it easy for Rick and I to drop him off.
The Dickinson’s

We say goodbye to 2000 Days Daycare with mixed feelings. We are excited for our next chapter, but are sad to say goodbye to such a special place where Bennet & Connor have learned so much. We have watched them grow and blossom in your care.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sarah, Aaron, Bennet and Connor

Our son, Noah, has been enrolled at My First 2000 Days for the past 1.5 years. My wife and I have been very pleased with the school. The staff and teachers are great! When we first enrolled our son, he spoke very little but now he is a chatterbox. It’s a great social setting for kids to develop their everyday skills from talking to interacting with other kids, staying active to learning new things. Our son has made some great friends through the school and we’ve also had the pleasure to meet some great parents! The teachers are a great influence and it’s amazing to see the personal development and growth in our son. The one thing we like is the security at the school. It’s nice to know you need a key fob to enter the school. We’ve been to some schools where the doors were unlocked and it’s an unsettling feeling as a parent. We would highly recommend My First 2000 Days to any parent looking to enroll their children in a pre-kindergarten program.
Nelson and Anna L

2000 Days Daycare is an exceptional facility that offers a remarkable place for the early development of young minds! Both introduced when they were 3 years old, each of our children have thrived under the invested energy of all staff, teachers and administration in a uniquely appointed setting.

Everything at this space has been considered from the developmental curriculum to the aesthetics of the space. One quickly notices touches of colour and lightness in each space, artwork that lines the halls and science experiments that bubble from the rooms. An intimate gymnasium provides a great place for regular play ball and yoga activities and a space for recess when the weather is uncooperative. Along with the aroma of nutritious meals and snacks that come with an in-house kitchen, as a parent one also appreciates the emphasis on encouraging our kids to think about supporting community by supporting worthy causes or the occasional field trips to local businesses. Integrating “Hi Mama” with detailed daily digital reports of eating, new learnings and photos keep us up to date with what our kids encounter each day. Ongoing development of areas like a naturalized outdoor play-space, clearly reflect that this is a centre where it owners that care and pride in supporting the wellness of little people!

Without question, the diverse and caring roster of teachers have made these early development years for our kids so nurtured and enriched! Given the pressures to make the right choice for our kids and the challenges when faced with the options, we are exceptionally pleased to have nothing but praise for 2000 days! Not-to-mention I do believe our kids would agree!


Our daughter has been attending 2000 Days for the last two years. We have seen her thrive in this environment and evolve not only socially but also learn so much from a cognitive perspective as well.
Shannon and Scott A

Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work! You have a great school! Your effort and passion for children are evident everyday at 2000 Days Daycare. All the best…
Hodgins Family

Thank you for the excellent quality of care provided to Hanaa at 2000 Days. Hanaa has had a truly amazing experience and we are grateful for everything you have done for Hanaa!
Azam, Saima and Hanaa

I am so happy I found 2000Days. My daughter has been attending PK1 for four months and she is very happy, she is excited from the moment we walks in the door. I go to work knowing that she is not only being taken care of, but that she is learning: words, songs, routines, patience. When I pick her she is still smiling. The daily updates are very helpful and seeing the weekly plan, with the songs and activities, makes me feel like I know what’s going on in her day, even if I am working.

The first 5 years of a child’s life are the most important. Building a solid foundation in all aspects of their lives is the best thing you can do to ensure successful, happy adults; and 2000 Days Daycare agrees! From the moment I walked in and met the amazingly friendly, understanding, and passionate owners who welcomed us into their “home-away-from-home”, I knew it was a place we would also call home. Every day, they continue to amaze me with their hard work and dedication in providing my daughter, as well as every other child who walks through their doors, with the most ideal environment any parent would want their child growing and learning in. The combination of amazing staff and a well thought out curriculum set this place far above any other childcare facility you will ever find!

Taylor M

My almost 3 year old daughter has been attending this daycare since the opening, and we cannot say enough how much we appreciated the loving care we have received. My daughter has been developing ahead of the curve and we, as parents, are very proud of her. She has been learning language, arts and crafts at the school. The taecher she had all have been amazingly loving, attentive! I would highly recommend this daycare!

I would definitely recommend this daycare. We have had two boys attend 2000 Days Daycare and our experience has been very good. The boys enjoy attending and curriculum has been good (art, numbers, letters, yoga, outdoor activities, etc.). It is very well organized and the teacher-student ratios are better than some other centers. The teachers are very caring and enjoy the students. The Kepka’s truly care about running a high quality childcare center. If you are in the search for a daycare be sure to check out 2000 Days Daycare.
Sarah S

Thank you so much for everything. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate your support.  I’ve felt 2000 Days is my home while I am working here. I have lots of good memories. Will miss you a lot. Wish you all the best.
Ms. Lee

Thank you!! For over two years Nicola has been attending your amazing Pre-Kindergarten and you have made a big impact on her early education! You have made the first couple of months so much easier for her & us especially because Nicola spoke no English. Right now she speaks just fine (sometimes non-stop), and this is all thanks to you. We will never forget the 2000 Days Family.  We really appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make children comfortable.
Joanna, Rafal & Nicola

Thank you so much for your help with Cooper. Thank you for listening to us and supporting us. We are so grateful for your help. You really do a wonderful job! This school has helped our son so much.  You have also helped Jason and I by always taking the time to talk to us.  A huge thank you and lot’s of love.
Robyn, Jason and Cooper

We have so enjoyed every moment we have spent with your school over the past two years. I have watched my little girl develop with leaps and bounds under the direction of her teachers. She is always excited to go to school and I have always felt nothing but pride, happiness, and appreciation when I think about what a wonderful job you all have done caring for her when I could not.
Whitney S

Finding a day care or day home for your child can be very stressful. There are so many options and different costs that as parents you try to find the best fit for your family. Originally we placed our son at a day care, reasonable cost but the staff were not treating the children the way they should have been , as soon as we noticed that we pulled him out of there immediately and decided to try a day home. This was a cheaper option for us but a nightmare. At one point the day home provider came to the door when my husband dropped our son off in her pyjamas and said “dude I can’t do this today”, that was not the first time she had left us high and dry!

Then we found my first 2000 days. I came across it on the internet and we went for a tour. What a beautiful facility, it is set up like a school, clean, bright and the children and the staff all looked so happy. I instantly knew this was the place for our son.

My son has excelled at this school. He speaks better than most 3 year olds I know, he is respectful and shares with other kids, he knows all of his colors, the alphabet song and every day he surprises me with conversations on things he has learned at school, including yoga and the music program. I know every parent will say their child is smart but I truly think that my first 2000 days has supported his learning and growth which far exceeded my expectations. All of the staff are extremely involved, supportive, caring, nurturing and patient. They send you pictures daily of what your child is doing , which is extremely comforting, especially when they are new to the school and you are still nervous about leaving your child it the hands of others.

My first 2000 days is the best thing that has ever happened to our family and I would highly recommend this daycare/preschool for all families seeking the best for their child.

Have a nice day

Amy M

Hi, I have published a review on the first 5 websites in the list and would like to submit the following for your scrapbook:
We have been sending our kids here for 18 months and love it! They employ teachers, not simply daycare workers and each staff member is warm, thoughtful in their lesson plans and focused on fun learning with the kids. The focus on learning during play capitalizes on the impressionable first 2000 days of a child’s life to maximize their learning experience. Our kids love it and as a parent I feel I am enhancing my children’s lives by sending them here. Thanks for extending this opportunity.
Paige S

Our children have been cared for in the most incredible ways these past few years. From the moment when R***** lay on the floor screaming and grasping desperately for mom’s legs to A*** handing out cards and cupcakes, we have felt welcomed, reassured and positive that our children were in the right place. Your staff is beautiful and our children have blossomed at your awesome school. Thank you for everything. Enjoy your ever growing family and we wish you continued success with 2000 Days Daycare. We are sure to talk you all up in the community.
Carrie and Deeter

What an amazing thing you guys are doing! Hartley, Pamela and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people taking care of our little guy! If we can ever return the favour please let us know. Love you guys!!!
Jay, Pamela and Hartley

This morning as I listened to Adelaide count to 11 (She always starts at 4!! :)) I truly appreciated the tremendous impact you have had on her development. We are so grateful for the kind & loving care she received with you and thank you so much for all you have done for Addy. We will miss you and hope to be back with her little brother in tow.
Peter, Steph and Adelaide

Our daughter has been attending 2000 Days for about a year now and we are very happy with the preschool. More importantly, SHE is very happy, and excited to go to school every day! In fact, we used to have a part-time nanny and have recently made the decision to transition our daughter to 2000 Days full time. One thing we really like about the school is how they make academic development fun for the kids – whether for early language and numeracy skills or fine motor development, the school does a lot of enriched activities and often gives the children options depending on their interests. It is evident that a lot of care and creativity goes into their curriculum planning. We feel the teachers and staff genuinely care about the children they work with, and take extra effort to get to know each child individually. In our experience, the teachers communicate well, and administration is very professional and prompt in responding to our questions and concerns. The HiMama app that sends us pictures and updates about our child every day is a really great thing too! We also appreciate that the kids are served wholesome, nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day, with good variety on a rotating menu. The school is a little bit buried in a commercial area, but convenient to major thoroughfares and the inside is quite warm and welcoming. All in all, we are very satisfied with 2000 Days and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a caring, safe, and fun yet educational place for their child to be during the weekdays!
Kirt and Martina van der Woude

I first learned about 2000 Days Daycare by “accident” when I was driving by and noticed their small sandwich board. This was over 1-year ago and they’d just opened under the CEFA franchise. When I saw the words “early learning”, I was intrigued and immediately pulled in. Mrs. Kepka gave me a tour, but I just wasn’t ready to sign-up my 10-month old. I just couldn’t imagine him being away from his mommy all day! Or me away from him!

10-months went by and I was requiring more regular child care as my career and my business took off. I toured a couple of day-homes that were recommended by friends, but after a 45-minute initial visit, I couldn’t wait to get out of there! I saw a giant box of those huge chocolate muffins (cake in disguise), the bathroom was not to my cleanliness standards, and the TV stayed on the entire time. Also, the day-mom was talking my ear off. I wanted out of there! I thought, “if this is what a “good” day home is, and I couldn’t stand it, then I would rather stop my career now and dedicate myself full time to caring for my child!”

I had a similar experience with a couple of local daycares. It felt like mayhem! The kids seemed out of control running all over the place, it smelled bad, and the menu was filled with things like muffins, bagels, and cereal – no nutritional content. I thought to myself “what parent can honestly feel good about leaving their child in this chaos?”

I kept thinking back to Mrs. Kepka’s school. I remembered that the kids were happy, the space was bright and colourful, there was a chef on site, there was a curriculum and a daily schedule. There was peace, order and harmony.

One-year after my initial visit, I booked another tour with Mrs. Kepka. After hearing about how her first year in business had gone, I was really impressed. She explained that she’d made some business decisions around separating from the franchise, and this enabled her to keep her standards high and provide her families with the best care possible. Being a business owner myself, I truly appreciate how she treats the children, their parents, and her staff. I really believe that My First 2000 Days is an elite school for our little ones. She trains her staff with the best new teaching tools, her teachers are passionate and committed to being the best they can be, the school is clean, the food is healthy.

But the best thing of all was when I took my son on this second tour. He is now 22 months old. He immediately walked into one of the classrooms and started acting like he belonged there. He started playing with the toys, saying “hi” to the other kids, and laughing at the teacher. He forgot I was there. I left him there for a few minutes, and he still forgot I was there. He was happy. He belonged. He fit right in. He didn’t want to leave. That was enough for me to see to know that this was the place for us.

Christine L