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A Calgary Daycare Near Me? Yes. We’re Central SW.

Your child’s new Calgary daycare is located a minute from Chinook Mall, 5 minutes from downtown, and only a 10-minute walk from Chinook Station LRT. If you searched Daycare Near Me. We’re Calgary central SW so we probably are.

Small Class Sizes With School Layout

Your Little One Gets More Attention

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 School Based Custom Curriculum

Your Child Gets the Best Future

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Local Family Owned & Operated

Peace of Mind & Warmth

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Exceptional Childcare Teachers

Little Ones Are Truly Looked After

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Our Creative & Educational Calgary Daycare Will Prepare Your Child For Their Future 

2000 Days Daycare is the perfect daycare in SW Calgary for setting up your children’s future. Our Calgary daycare’s nurturing, educational environment lays the foundation for your child’s success, developing the building blocks for socialization, learning, and communication. It’s what sets us apart as your ideal choice for brightening your children’s future. Call us and get a 2000 day head start on your child’s success. 

Our SW Calgary Daycare Empowers Your Children

At 2000 Days, we have one goal: to empower your children, so they have a better and greater future. We achieve that through our six core values, which shape how we manage our daycare and approach your children’s needs and care. Each of these values is interwoven into how we teach, communicate and develop your children’s social and educational well-being, making us the best daycare in Calgary for your children’s future. We are happy to provide you with more information on our values below.

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High-Level Safety
and Security

As a parent, you need peace of mind that your child is safe and secure while in someone else’s care. Our childcare building utilizes an automated entry door, and our employees receive training in relevant safety and security measures. Plus, we observe local, provincial and federal guidelines for cleaning and sanitization.



An Environment of
Love and Respect

Supporting children is critical to their success. This nurturing often takes the form of respect, both for their well-being and for your knowledge as a parent. As a result, we are always working from the same standpoint of empathy and mutual understanding.




Smaller Classes,
Focused Learning

We ensure that our teacher to student ratio is maximized to ensure the best learning environment for the children in our care. Low ratios mean that more teachers are looking after fewer students. There is a mandated ratio for how many children one person or centre can look after, which is set by the provincial government. The vast majority of child care centres and other early learning schools follow this ratio, which varies by age group. We do more!

Get To Know Our Staff 

Dedicated Nap Room

Napping is important for children in the first 2000 days. With all the stimulating activities and exciting adventures they have at our school it’s no surprise that our children love their naps. We use special, commercial-grade, hypoallergenic cots that are low to the ground and very easy to clean. A comfortable and safe place to sleep with soothing white noise and a pitch black room our children fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. They always awake refreshed  and ready to continue their fun and active day.


Healthy Nutritious Meals

Our childcare school has an incredible chef on site. They make nutritious, family-style meals each day that includes hot breakfast, hot lunch and delicious snacks.  Your child will have the energy to take on our fun and academic environment. Do you like lasagna, teriyaki broccoli, or chicken/veggie alfredo? Your child will, and you might even wish to stay for lunch. Of course, you’re always welcome!


Child Care Cleanliness

Let’s face it; children carry a lot of germs. It is crucial for your child to spend time in a clean and sterile environment to maintain their health. When your child is healthy, you stay healthy, which means less time off work. Our sick policies are based on the best, and we strongly believe this helps lower how often our children and staff get sick. Our cleaning methods are also expansive and focus on high-traffic areas.


What Parents Say

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The First 2000 Days

On average, there are only 2000 days from when your children are born until they enter Kindergarten. And there are so many amazing and critical milestones that your children will encounter along the way. But these first 2000 days are crucial, helping nourish your child’s development.

During those critical early days, it is also important that your child develops soft skills, which are equally important as cognitive skills, so that your child can be successful in school. Our daycare in SW Calgary can provide your child with the right platform for this amazing blooming period.

Make Your Child's First 2000 Days
as Fun and 
Educational as Possible

Combining Fun & Education For Your Children 

Mixing fun and education is the best way for young children to learn the basics. Develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and expand their ethical reasoning. It’s how our daycare in Calgary works. We combine play and education within our curriculum that encourages your child to grow.

By developing these skills early on, in the first 2000 days, your child will be better equipped to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Socialize with other children
  • Control their emotions
  • Develop self-motivation
  • Creatively problem solve
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