More Teachers & Less Students Than Any Daycares In Calgary

More Attention = Quality Care

All Daycares In Calgary Have The Same Amount Of Kids, Right?

Most daycares are the same. To make money they need to have as many children in their center as possible within government mandates.

Let’s start with some boring government mandated figures for all daycares in Calgary. Just so we’re on the same page. I promise it’ll be quick.

Ratios for children means that we can only have so many children per teacher. Most daycares in Calgary follow these mandates. So if you have one daycare worker and 8 children that is a 1 to 8 ratio.

Something we all can probably agree on is this. The less children and the more teachers, the better your child’s daycare experience. A 1 to 8 ratio is better than a 1 to 12. Enough boring ratio talk. What does his mean for you?

The lower the ratio the more time and attention your child will get from there early childhood educator. That means a much better chance of catching those educational moments.

Or getting a picture of your little one doing something amazing. Even just being there for a child that is crying while other teachers get the class going. This extra attention is amazing for their social and emotional development. More of the “key” moments are reported back to you and nourished at the time.

Small class sizes also mean better safety. With less children in a classroom there is less potential for accidents to happen. We have seen situations where our small class size has prevented potential accidents or prevented them outright.

Bottom line is that 2 teachers in a class of 10 can see and be there for the children. Instead of 2 teachers for a class of 14 or more. More people around for the children is just better for your child and most daycares in Calgary don’t do this.

Book a tour today and see how smaller class sizes make all the difference.

Are Your Class Sizes Really That Different Then Other Daycares In Calgary?

100% yes. We have made sure that we have some of the lowest ratios and in turn class sizes. Not only do we staff more teachers per classroom but we also have float teachers. What is a float teacher you might ask?

That’s an educator that has no classroom that they are anchored to. They can hop into a room as needed to make sure our quality is top notch. Even more attention and care for your little one. Our staff help make our daycare the best in Calgary. Check them our here.

Our float teacher also helps when our main teachers are sick. Some daycares in Calgary close rooms or have to reject parents at the door if too many teachers call in sick. During a flu or any time of crisis we have the capacity to stay open.

We get sick teachers like any business but with the extra teachers and especially a float teacher or even 2 we never close rooms. Marlene, the owner, also jumps in as needed to make sure our children get the care and quality they deserve.

Parents appreciate this because they don’t have to scramble for care. Finding care at the last minute on a Monday is next to impossible. You’ll lose a day or work or have to drastically alter you plans.

Our class sizes are also physically smaller. There is ample space for the children. We just mean that they are separated into smaller groups. Again, more time and attention to each child individually. A lot of other daycares in Calgary have larger rooms or even one big room with many children. 

We also have a very large flex room that we call our gym. This is a great room that’s used for anything from yoga to dance. It’s especially useful for rainy or snowy days. As we know a lot of daycares in Calgary get cold and snowy weather.


Catch The Moments That Matter

More teachers and less students also mean better attention on the teacher’s part. We go out of our way to hire more staff and train them properly. Some other daycares in Calgary might not put in that effort.

We know the value of this. Using Himama as a tool to communicate with you daily. It’s an amazing tool to give you all that information most parents want to see and read about.

But Himama itself is useless if we can’t be there for those moments and document them. A tool is only as good as the people using it. There are other daycares in Calgary that use Himama. With our smaller classes our teacher’s catch more of those precious moments.

A Safer Daycare in Calgary

4 children playing in a daycare in Calgary

Safety should be the main thing daycares in Calgary strive to get right. Yes our building is just one level so there aren’t any stairs. Yes we have cameras all over and a FOB access door but so do other daycares in Calgary.

One thing that 2000 Days Daycare does that many don’t is that we have the staff. More bodies mean more safety. It’s that simple. With our float teachers and less student per classroom we can make sure things are safer.

Smaller physical class sizes also mean we can keep groups together easier. One large room can be chaotic no matter how many barriers you put up. Having actual classrooms can do wonders for safety.

Classes that are smaller then the average also help with field trips. Our children go on field trips to the Calgary library or other local areas. They learn as they go and have a great time.

By having smaller groups and more teachers its safer to be out in the world. More eyes are on the children and less children to watch. Plus add that all our children are in the exact same uniform and safety is covered.

Do Small Class Sizes Really Matter THAT Much?


You would think this is a “no brainer” question but there are people and even other daycares in Calgary that don’t feel this way. Smaller class sizes do help children achieve more and help with social behavior.

There are many studies that point to this. Here is one by the National Institute For Early Education Research.  And here is a great write up of different scientific studies on the positive impact on smaller class sizes.

When we first started this daycare of ours we knew that as parents we wanted to do something different. Not just think of the bottom line and what we can make from it. More teachers costs more. Less students makes less income.

To get the quality we wanted we had no choice. We wanted the very best daycare in Calgary and the only way to do this was to sacrifice some income and put in some hard hours. And we did. We hope you feel the same way.

We think it is common sense to know that the less children and more students there are the better the quality care. We always strive for this at 2000 Days Daycare School.