Get To Know The Teachers At Our Daycare School

We ensure that our teacher to student ratio is maximized to ensure the best learning environment for the children in our care

Ms. Smith is a level 3 educator who has been with us since January 2018. Ms. Smith is a passionate educator who enjoys giving back to the community. She regularly volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Girl Guides of Canada. She has creative spirit and loves to play. She can often be found on the floor fully engaged with her students. She is always implementing exciting new activities with her class. Ms. Smith loves networking with other educators in the childcare community. She loves attending workshops, events and any opportunity to further her professional development.
Meet Ms. Smith
Angela is our Program Director. She joined the 2000 Days team in September of 2017. Ms. Campbell is a Level 3 educator with a bachelor’s degree in early Learning and Childcare. Angela loves to sing, dance and play! When she is not busy assisting staff and welcoming new families, she can often be found belting out a tune or dancing it out in the classrooms.
Meet Ms. Campbell
Boroka is a level 2 educator, and our infant team lead. She grew up in Hungary and took her first job as a nanny when she moved to Canada. Since starting at 2000 Days in March 2021, Boroka has consistently demonstrated her flexibility and growth as an educator. Her warmth and compassionate nature make her the perfect fit for the role. She is often called “the baby whisperer” amongst her colleagues. With a huge heart, Boroka can often be found chanting rhymes and finger plays with the children in her care.
Meet Ms. Bocskoras
Lindi is a Level 2 educator and our Head Teacher, who joined the 2000 Days Family in October 2021. Lindi has been a vital member of the 2000 Days team, with over 10 years of experience under her belt. She is a proud mother of 2, stepmother of 3 and a grandmother of 2. She is an avid Disney fan; Mickey Mouse is her absolute favorite. Ms. Fernandes enjoys bringing new concept and ideas into the center, she can often be found sharing tools and techniques with her colleagues.
Meet Ms. Fernandes
Ms. Mina is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7, so it is no wonder Ms. Mina has the energy to keep up with her students. Ofelia started at 2000 Days in July of 2022. She is a dedicated Level 2 educator who puts a ton of love and care into everything she does. Ofelia LOVES music, she can often be found humming a tune or dancing it out with her class. She has been working in the field for over 9 years and she still finds enjoyment out of every day. Her energy is contagious.
Meet Ms. Mina
Ms. McCalla started with us in January of 2021. She is a Level 3 educator. Growing up, Thelma was surrounded by a big family. She has spent many years working with children and is passionate about the childcare field. Thelma prides herself in being honest and kind. She believes that children teach us just as much as we teach them! Ms. McCalla is constantly inspired by her students; she can often be found implementing meticulously planned activities, singing songs and lending a helping hand wherever she can.
Meet Ms. McCalla
Yuriko is a level 3 educator who started with us in April of 2021. Originally from Japan, Ms. Sato has worked in kindergarten, daycare and 2 international schools during her time there. She always dreamed of living in Canada and managed to make her dream a reality. She loves planning out activities for her students that support their developmental growth. Yuriko can often be found bringing in playful, out of the box sensory activities. During her free time, she loves hiking and exploring this beautiful country that she now calls home.
Meet Ms. Sato
Ms.Davies is a level 3 educator who began working with us July 17,2023. She is originally from Nigeria. She is a proud mother of 6 children. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music and bible study. As someone who enjoys music you will find her singing to the children.
Meet Ms.Davies
Meet Ms.Elattar
Ms.Choi is a level 3 educator who began working with us April 4,2024. Originally from South Korea. Ms.Choi enjoys simple pleasures such as reading mystery books and watching movies. Upon moving to Calgary is when her career in Early Learning and childcare began. She finds great joy and motivation in the pure giggles of children.
Meet Ms.Choi
Ms.Mulikow is a level 1 educator who started working with us July13, 2023.She enjoys connecting with nature and people. In her spare time, she enjoys different modalities like Jin Shin, Reiki and sound healing. She is hard-working and always positive.
Meet Ms.Mulikow
Ms. Wong is a level 1 who started working with us April 10,2023. She grew up in Hong Kong, where she has a big family. Ms.Wong enjoys traveling to different countries and learning about their culture. In her free time she likes going to Disneyland. Her favorite Disney characters are Tigger and Buzz Light Year. Ms.Wong is hard-working and playful.
Meet Ms. Wong
Ms.Hendricks is a level 3 educator who started working with us on Feb.14 2024. She likes to enhance her Early Childhood Career through professional development. In her spar time she enjoys volunteering with animals at AARCS and going on adventures. Ms.Hendricks likes to be silly and free with children in her care.
Meet Ms.Hendricks
Ms.Emami is a level 1 educator who began working with us April 17,2023. She is originally from Iran. In her spare time away from studying she enjoys drawing. She likes to be active by playing tennis and doing yoga. She loves to see the happiness within the children in her care.
Meet Ms.Emami

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