Daycare Sciences

Children have an almost unending curiosity and imagination. Children are always asking “why this?”, “what is that?”. We want to nurture that curiosity and answer the many questions our students have. Our daycare school believes that science is all around us and is used daily. Having fun with science to help the children get to their own answers for their questions is important. They will learn, have fun and hopefully see science as an important part of our lives and society.

Science At A Glance

From the movement of the universe to why a duck; these are the questions science tries to answer. Our students are no different. They have a passionate curiosity about the world around them and we want to do everything in our power to encourage this. From creating experiments from scratch to just outside and learning about spiders as we see one scuttle by. Science is a daily part of our lives and having the students try to answer their own questions with experiments and discussion is amazing.

Why Science?

Science has gotten some bad PR (Public Relations) in the past many decades. Science is a “geeky” thing or not cool. We want to teach our students early in life that science is everywhere and fun. Science made your computer you use, the food on your table, the clothes on your back and so much more. Science answers all your questions and helps stimulate your curiosity. Science is cool and it always has been. Our students will hopefully embrace that lesson and either be a part of the scientific community or at least have a huge appreciation for what science has given our society.