HighScope Math

We use HighScope math to teach our students numbers, counting, shapes, units, measuring and more. 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten only uses the best teaching programs and methods from around the world. After looking at and evaluating many different ways to teach math we chose the very best way….the HighScope way. High Scope math is great for children as it has all the materials, books and fund activities that have been used for over 40 years. This is a tried and true teaching method for math and we are proud to use this to teach our students.

HighScope Math At A Glance

Let’s touch on the HighScope math method and then dig deeper into the math part of the method. High Scope math teaches math in 9 different areas: Number words and symbols, Counting, Part-whole relationships, Shapes, Spatial awareness, Measuring, Units, Patterns and Data Analysis (fancy way of saying we use math to solve problems or make decisions).

By using a technique called scaffolding (guiding/supporting) and play we can teach children mathematics in a fun and interesting way. Rote counting (counting over and over again) and memorizing are not great ways to teach math. It works, sure, but does it instill the love of math and learning? We believe it does not. You can excel in math and have fun!

Why HighScope Math?

Why do we use HighScope math at our daycare school? That’s easy to answer. Cause it works. By using the 9 different areas and implementing it into our students day we make it math play. Our children learn math in fun ways where they want to know more and do math. Baking? Sure! How many cups of flour go into this cupcake recipe? Dinosaurs!? Of course we all love dinosaurs and we can teach you math. 8 dinosaurs are climbing the volcano and 3 slide down to the bottom. How many are left at the top? Let’s draw with chalk on the asphalt! Let’s trap our friends in triangles so they are frozen. Shape tag anyone? These are just a very few simple ways to teach math in a fun way.

HighScope math excels at teaching math to children in a very efficient and fun way. Math is all around us and children truly love math if taught to them correctly.

So can a preschooler do mathematics and have fun? That is a resounding yes!