Jolly Phonics

At our daycare school we use the Jolly Phonics method to teach reading and writing. In tandem with Jolly Phonics we us Kindermusik as a fun and interactive way to enhance our children’s literacy skills which we touch on in depth in the Music section of our curriculum.

Jolly Phonics At A Glance

Jolly Phonics is one of the best methods to teach literacy, if not the best. The teaching method is very intuitive and different then the “normal” way literacy is taught to children. Instead of the usual ABC’s method of teaching and forcing memorization; children learn the unique 42 letter sounds. Have you ever wondered why the letters of the alphabet are taught in the specific alphabet order? There really is no reason. It is useful for sorting and that is about it. Jolly Phonics uses the sounds of the letters to teach children letters in a specific order so that they can start building words as early as possible. For Instance Jolly Phonics starts with the S sound. With the 42 unique letter sounds there are specific stories, movements and even un puppets. A very robust and complete teaching method.

Why Jolly Phonics?

Simply put it is a proven and fun way to teach literacy. There have been many case studies and research done on Jolly Phonics. Many of the case studies can be found here. The research done on Jolly Phonics over the past 30 plus years can be found here. When we started our school we wanted the very best for our child. We looked all over the world for amazing teaching methods and philosophies. We chose the best we could find and Jolly Phonics has proven to surpass our expectations.