Honesty and Integrity, Empower Others, Confidence

Honesty And Integrity

  • Be honest and have integrity in what you are doing and how you act. People will follow you more willingly
  • People respect someone that is honest and has integrity
  • Keeping your promises to people you supervise is a key part of being a leader
  • Leaders with integrity are not afraid to tell the truth or get truth told to them. They keep level headed and act
  • Being fair and not having favorites or people you give a slight edge to is a sign of a great leader. You should treat everyone you supervise equally

Empower Others

  • Give others the tools and means to do their job and anything you delegate
  • When people you supervise feel they can do their job unimpeded your job gets easier
  • If you empower someone and they don’t do well on that task. Ask yourself if you gave them a task they could not do, maybe they did not have the tools or maybe there is an issue with the person (talk to them or administration)


  • Be confident, confidence makes a leader. People listen to and more willing to help/participate with a confident person
  • Even if you’re not sure of something. You can still be confident. Let them know you will get back to them with an answer
  • Confidence is mostly about how you present yourself. Head up, chest out and look people in the eye. Speak politely but assertively.
  • The more confident you are in your ability the more people will listen to you and do what you need them to