Room Supervisor Training – Delegate And Be Decisive

Delegate And Be Decisive

4 Steps to successful delegation

  • Provide clear instructions
  • Make sure the work can be done by the person you are assigning it to
  • Be patient as it can take longer for a first timer
    • Let go and trust they will do it
    • Touch base but don’t micromanage
    • Get feedback on how things went and readjust if need be for next time
  • Say thanks and show appreciation

 Crucial Delegation Tips

  • Have the person you gave direction to repeat back what you want them to do. If you need a reason say its so you can make sure you’re being clear
  • Sound clear, concise but friendly. Smile and ask. You can ask firmly without it sounding like a command
  • Know what to delegate. Make sure the person has the training or skills to do what you need