Social Studies

Many of our families know how important academics are to success in life. Many also know that being social and learning to interact with your peers is as important if not more so. At 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten our child care school puts a large emphasis on social interaction, proper behaviour and independence so that our students are well balanced and happy.

Socialization At A Glance

There is little we can say about socializing and interacting with our friends, family and peers that you don’t already know. We interact with people everyday and the more friends, connections, family members and acquaintance’s you have that like interacting with your child the happier they will be… and the more opportunities open up.

Why Social Skills?

Every one of us knows someone or is someone that got a job or a chance from a friend or acquaintance. Many daily interactions help us to be happier and more successful. This is why social interactions are so vital. So at 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten we make a caring and open environment where children can make friends and socialize. We encourage independence as much as we can for our students. We do not have any punishment system for discipline and focus on teaching empathy and sympathy. A social child that is happy and likes interacting with others will have a bright future in society.