Physical Education

Have you ever wondered if you child knows how to throw a ball correctly? Or hold a bat? Or stick? Or even the most basic of stances and movements. Most children are never taught this and just pick this up as they go. Many developing bad habits, unhealthy attitude toward sports and maybe even an aversion to physical activity. We noticed this with our own child and really wanted to give him a great head start in sports and to foster a love of sports and physical activity. So we developed our own custom physical education curriculum with help from the Province of Alberta.

Physical Education At A Glance

We use a coaching system that is educational and focuses on the very basic sports fundamentals for specific age groups. From 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-5+ years, the classes are specific for certain age groups and work closely to build on skills. We focus on basic movements that are fun, energetic and positive. Not only do we teach skills in tennis, hockey, baseball, basketball and man others but it also promotes a positive and healthy attitude toward sport and physical activity. Our custom curriculum is exactly what you want for your child so they want to be physical and healthy.

Why Even Develop Sports Skills?

All children have to learn how to throw, swing or run. By teaching the very basic fundamentals of something like holding a ball or standing with your head up we are setting them up for a fun and healthy future. Even if sports aren’t the focus for your child this program will create a fun environment where your child will want to play and be healthy for life. Our sports curriculum teaches the basics in a fun and engaging way that also promotes a healthy attitude toward sports. It is an amazing program and we are proud to have it as part of our main curriculum.

Physical Education In General

With our 2000+ square foot secured outdoor area, our 400+ square foot gym and a park that is a 2 minute walk across the street we make sure our students get a lot of time to run around and have fun. From parachute play, to tag, to learning how to ride a bike on our balance bikes we want our students to get as much physical activity they can. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Just another part of our 2000 days philosophy.