Yoga can be relaxing, healing and a lot of fun for our students. Our own child loves doing yoga and feels great after participating in a class. Our child care school wanted to give our students as many experiences as possible so they have the best day, week and year that they can. We believe yoga to be an important part of there physical and emotional development.

Yoga At A Glance

Yoga is thousands of years old and practiced by millions of people all over the world. It is part of many Hindu and Buddhist teachings and philosophies. At 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten we practice modern western yoga that strips away any religious beliefs or dogma. We teach and show the relaxing, physical and self confidence parts of yoga and how it can help students in their everyday lives. Yoga can center a person so they can deal with daily life better and will improve balance, strength and other physical traits.

Why Yoga?

Not only do kids love yoga and have a great time but it helps them regulate their emotions, teaches self-awareness and physical activity. As mentioned earlier the first 2000 days are important and to get the most of those days we need to expose children to as many experiences as possible. Yoga is a great experience for our students and a great addition to our curriculum.