Whether it is due to their age (the terrible two’s and three’s) or simply due to your child not sleeping well, they are all cranky from time to time. How do you deal with this? Many parents will find themselves being more and more agitated, which is understandable. However, we have three tips that could help with dealing with this crankiness!

Consider slowing down the routine!

kidsThis may not be possible for many parents, which we understand. But, carving out a few extra hours of play time with just you and the child can work wonders. The stress of the ever-going family is something that causes many kids to be on the cranky side. So slow down, attend fewer events, or simply have a relaxing day at home during the weekend with nowhere to go.

Play with your Kids

This goes right along with a rushed routine. When parents are rushed, they often do not sit down and play with their kids like the kids may be wanting. Instead of acting and voicing these dislikes, a kid may often turn to that cranky behavior. Even if you cannot sit down and play for hours on end, a couple of minutes each day can be helpful.

Look at possible causes for the crankiness

kidsThere are tons of reasons that your child may be cranky. Instead of just dealing with the crankiness, look at the possible reasons why this may be happening. For example,

  • Are they at a developmental stage? Growing pains could be to blame!
  • Has something dramatic changed in their routines?
  • Has there been a major life event?

These are all situations in w we may see a cranky child. If you can help with the situation, then do so. Otherwise, you may just have to wait out, such as the case with growing pains!

Remember, a cranky child is often just their result of a change. This does not mean that they will stay cranky forever. And they will go back to being your sweet little angel that does not scream or cry at the slightest little thing. It takes time and little extra effort, that all parents are eager to give!