new moms

For new parents, this is a time of constant change. You are adapting to having a new baby in the house. You may be worrying about finances, the health of your child, and the future. What are you going to do? Are you going to go back to work or stay home? Will people frown at you for staying home? Will people frown at you for going back to work? While these are all important questions, they are personal and something that you and our partner should worry about later. Right now, this is the time for you and the baby. For this reason, we have a few tips for those new moms so that they can survive the first few months on their own!

Catch up on Sleep

While you may have a to-do list around the house that is super long, remember that it can be exhausting to deal with a newborn. You are going to find that on average a baby sleeps around 14 to 16 hours per day. You should be trying to follow the rule that has been around for years: Nap when baby naps.

Pack a Bag That has Everything

When you do have to leave the house, remember to pack your bag with everything that you could possibly need. You will need to pack clothing for the baby in the event that he or she makes a mess, pack bottles or be ready to nurse if you are going the breastfeeding route, and always throw in a shirt for you as well. You will find that through overpacking you are ready for any incident that may arise.[schema]

Make Some Time for Yourself

All new moms need to make a little time for themselves. You should talk with someone about taking a few hours break every week. Why? Every mom needs to have some alone time. Whether you go shopping, go to the gym, or just go and sit at the park.  You are going to value this alone time that allows you to recharge!