In an age in which children are often told to sit still, do their homework and calm down, movement is becoming restricted. In fact, may health professionals are warning that more and more kids are showing signs of obesity. Why is this? More kids are playing video games, playing on the computer and essentially letting electronics take control of everything they do. As parents, what can you do? After all, these electronic gadgets can prove beneficial in several instances. There are video games for smaller children that help to reinforce reading and numbers, there are several computer programs meant to help teach children shapes, math and so forth. So, what can you do?

movementNo one says that you must take away all those electronics and games that kids enjoy. Instead, it is all about finding balance. However, even with balance in place, many parents are finding that their kids are just not moving as much as they wished. So, what can you do? We have 4 tips that you will want to put into your life as soon as possible![schema]

  1. Encourage outdoor play! Be sure that you encourage kids to play outdoors. And if you are limited on space, then take a trip to your local playgrounds a few times per week to get some fresh air and stay active!
  2. Play games! Be sure that you are not simply letting your child go outside while you say on your phone. Play games together that are going to use the imagination along with the muscles of kids!
  3. Stuck indoors? Then have a scavenger hunt inside the house! This is going to have children moving from room to room, but also ensures you are safe indoors.
  4. Encourage children to try sports. There are usually different sport programs offered in areas, and they often start allowing children as young as 3 years of age. Encourage a child to participate in these activities. No one says they must be a superstar, but the activity is going to be helpful!

Here at 2000Days we realize just how important activity is for kids, and that is why we have numerous programs in place to not only ensure their mental growth, but physical activity as well! Kids need balance. While electronics and learning are great, there is a ton that can be learned from physical activity!