With the recent news of the Calgary library making it easier for kids to get access to books, reading is at the forefront of the mind of many parents. While we have looked at how to instill the love of reading into your child, there are also some ways in which you can encourage your children to develop this love of reading.

In order for kids to grow up and love books, you must encourage this love. So how can you do this? We have a few tips that can encourage this love and future of reading! reading

  1. Have books throughout your home so that they are readily available for your children to look through, even picture books for those smaller children.
  2. Encourage your children to read a wide variety of books, while they may have their favorites, expand their spectrum of books in which they read.
  3. Read to your child every day! This cannot be underestimated, as it has been scientifically proven that those kids who are read to everyday, are more likely to develop that love of reading.
  4. Utilize apps and the like that are out there that will help encourage a child to use their reading skills.
  5. Always show interest in whatever your child is reading, as those kids who feel their parents are interested are more likely to keep reading.
  6. Let kids choose their books sometimes. While you may think that it is not as educational as you would like, you want to make reading fun, so let them have their choices.
  7. E-readers are a great option for kids as they can allow for even more books available in your child’s library.

The value of a good book cannot be underestimated. Be sure that you are encouraging your kids to read, as the love of reading is the foundation for a strong education throughout the rest of their lives.