Do you take your kids outdoors much? Do you let them play outside whenever the weather is nice? According to new studies, getting time outside is in the best interest of children. However, all of us, still have those notions that perhaps it is best to stay inside. Ask yourself how many times have you worried about your little ones playing outside and getting a sunburn? We know the dangers that are lurking outside. However, before you decide that outdoor play time is a no go, consider the many benefits that come with it! We have an amazing play area in our yard that is fenced in and secure. With the perfect combination of nature and city. Half of our play area is grass with a beautiful tree and our garden. The other half is asphalt so our children can ride bikes or write chalk.

The Benefits of Outdoor Time

There are several benefits of outdoor time that have been scientifically proven! These benefits include:

  1. The vision of children who play outdoors is better than those who stay indoors. Why? It has been proven that the artificial light indoors is a contributing factor as to why a person has vision impairment. The natural light outdoors can help a child to keep their vision in check.
  2. Do you have a child who has trouble sleeping? If so, you are going to find that early morning outdoor play can remedy this situation! It has been shown that this can get the body back into its natural rhythm.
  3. Did you know that those kids who spend a lot of time outdoors are going to have increased attention spans? A new study says that this is the case.
  4. Kids feel stress too! And being outdoors can help to lower their stress level! Be sure to get out as much as possible.

Tips for Outdoor Time

Now that we know the benefits of getting kids outdoors, here are a few tips to follow that are going to minimize any injuries and risks associated with going outside.[schema]

  1. Be sure to wear sunscreen.
  2. Wear the right clothing and dress accordingly to the weather.
  3. Be sure to monitor your child while outdoors so that they do not try to do anything too dangerous!
  4. Bug spray is something to consider, especially if you notice your child is getting bug bites.
  5. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

So, what do you say, the next pretty day, are you going to take your child outdoors for some play time?