wait list

One of the problems that you have when shopping around for the perfect Calgary daycare is that you often find yourself being placed on the dreaded wait list. The wait list is something that most parents dread. After all, finding that perfect daycare and then being told that you cannot put your child here is a devastating blow. Once this happens, now what?

When a daycare wait lists you, this means that they currently are at their capacity for this age group. Keep in mind that infants are often harder to get into daycares than those toddlers. Why is this? Infants have a smaller child to teacher ratio; thus, most facilities are going to limit just how many infants they take into their program. The older a child gets, the easier it seems to be for a parent to find a daycare that fits their needs without worrying about a wait list. However, if you have been wait listed, here are a few tips to help you get throughout this period!

  1. Be sure that you have some backup daycares in mind. It is always a good idea to ensure that you have at least three daycares that you are interested in. In the Calgary area, 2000Days does it best to accommodate all those kids who come to us for care. However, every daycare is limited by the law in terms of how many kids we can have enrolled.
  2. Make sure that the daycare realizes just how interested you are in having your child enrolled into this daycare. When a person shows interest, it shows that they want this for their child. Most daycares are excited to have parents on board who are super excited as well!
  3. Be sure that you are looking at daycares in advance of having your child and going back to work. Many people start looking for daycares while they are still pregnant. This way if you are wait listed you are more likely to get your child into the daycare once you do have to return to work.

wait listHow long is a typical wait list? This depends. There are parents who have found themselves to be on the wait list for a daycare for six months or longer. When it comes down to it, you must weigh whether the daycare that you truly want is worth waiting for. Remember, at 2000Days we are more than just a daycare, we are a learning opportunity for your children to start their lives out on the right path. Thus, waiting for enrollment may be one of the best things that you have ever done!