One of the more important aspects that we, as parents, need to instill in our children is the idea that everyone should help one another. While many parents who have children in organized sports are worried about winning, what about children encouraging each other to have a good game? To try harder? And to not give up?

Our kids are growing up in an era in which bullying is a major issue. Every day it seems that throughout the world you hear about the drastic actions these kids are making because they are being bullied. So, how can you ensure that your child is the one that lifts other students up? The one that helps others out? We have a few ideas!

Reward Behavior that Encourages

When you have kids that are encouraging each other, reward this behavior. Let them know that this is the behavior that you like. This reward may nothing more than bragging on them because they did something that you are proud of. It may be taking them to get their favorite ice cream one night. Whatever it is, be sure that you are taking notice of this behavior and showcasing how proud you are of them for acting this way.

Always Focus on the Positive

Kids will be kids, thus there are going to be time when they get into it, when they say things to one another that are not encouraging and uplifting, and the like. However, your goal as a parent is to still focus on the positive. Correct the child with what they did and tell them what the better option would have been. This way, you are turning each moment into one that they can be teachable.

Kids who encourage other kids are becoming rare. Do not let your child be one of the masses who seems to not care about others. If we all make a change now, we are going to see a better, and brighter, future for our kids!