first drop off

When that day comes to first drop off your child to daycare, it can take quite an emotional toll, and we aren’t just taking about upset children. Parents get just as, if not more, emotional than the kids. Why is this? For many parents, this is their first time of being away from their children for a prolonged period, and this can be overwhelming. A parent should not be surprised if they find themselves tearing up slightly and not wanting to let go, this is normal. However, here are a few tips to ensure that this first drop off day is one in which children remember as great![schema]

  1. Never let your child see how upset you are about them going to daycare. Why is this? If you start crying, your child will start crying, even though they may be super excited about starting at 2000Days daycare. Kids pick up on the emotions of their parents easily, so put on a happy face and encourage your child to have a nice day.
  2. Once you get to work or home, you may be tempted to call and check on your child. Do this if you feel the need! No one wants to spend eh entire day worrying about their little one. So, call and check in, we understand the anxiety that this special day can cause!
  3. Encourage younger children to talk about what they did during their time at the daycare. This shows that you are interested and they are going to feel encouraged to keep doing their best. And you may be surprised at just how great the child’s first day was! It can put your mind to ease knowing that they are in good hands and having a great time!kids-1728351_640
  4. Remember that it is normal to feel scared, excited and a little sad to see your little one going into daycare. This is the route that every parent takes when dropping off for the first time as daycare or regular school!

Here at 2000Days daycare, we are parents as well, so we fully understand those emotions for first drop off. It can be hard, but realize that this is going to give your child knowledge and skills that they will take with them for years to come!