How many parents are dealing with runny noses? Sneezing? Watery eyes? And kids that may be a bit more on the whiney side than usual? Spring is a beautiful season. However, for those kids who suffer with allergies, it can be a time in which they feel awful. In fact, many kids can develop second sinus infections, asthma, and simply feel run down from these allergies. So, as parents what can you do? No one wants their child to feel awful, and luckily there are a few things you can do!

Medication: Is it the Best for your Child?

Most kids who have severe allergies that are interfering with their everyday life are going to be on a daily allergy medication that has been recommended by your child’s doctor. However, is this the best allergy medication that is on the market? Perhaps you are noticing that your child is not seeing the relief that he or she once did, which is common. For many parents the idea of giving allergy shots can be an option. As shots have been shown to help 85% of those who go on these!

Also consider a few of these tips about medications:

  1. Check the expiration dates, especially if your children do not take this medication during other times of the year, they just take these when the Spring and Summer seasons are here.
  2. Watch your dosage! A study at C.S Mott Children’s Hopsital in Michigan, USA, found that 1 in 7 parents gave children adults medication and a 1/3 of these parents gave the adult dosage to these kids.

Always consult with the doctor that your child sees to determine what type of medication is really needed. Remember, an antihistamine may be associated with allergy medications. However, those who are stuffy often need to stay away from these, as it can make it worse!

A Few Ideas to Consider for Preventing Allergies

For those parents who are worried about how these allergies are interfering with their children, here are a few small ideas that will ensure that your child is not missing out on the fun this Spring and Summer.allergies

  1. Consider taking your vacation when the child’s allergies are not as severe. For example, instead of taking the typical summer vacation what about a winter ski vacation?
  2. If an outdoor camp is something that your child cannot do, look at alternatives. There are space camps and art camps that are mostly indoors that should be considered.
  3. Be careful of what pets you have, as these can make allergies even worse.
  4. If pollen is an issue, spend time outdoors near water, as the pollen tends to be less here.
  5. Pollen counts are often the highest before 10 AM, so limit outdoor play during this time, as allergies could be worse.

Remember, the more you control the allergies, the more likely your child is to feel as though they are not missing out on their childhood.