Room Supervisor Training – Effective Communication

Child with headphone Welcome to our quick, fun and very informative room supervisor training. This online training will teach you how to become a better leader in your classroom and even your day to day lives. It is quick and to the point as we know you probably are pressed for time and we do not want to waste it. Let’s get started.

Expectations From You

  • Be the main point of contact for the principal
  • Help train new staff in your room
  • Lead your room to uphold 2000 Days values and procedures
  • Example to new staff and old staff
  • Meet with Principal on school matters
  • Help plan staff meetings as needed
  • Quality of room
  • Input on hiring new staff
  • Let us know if someone is not cutting it

Expectations From The Administration

  • We will provide leadership guidance
  • We will make sure you have room equipment and supplies to do your job
  • We will always be looking for better ideas and procedures to help you
  • Help and meet as needed so you succeed as a leader
  • Our total support for change and your ideas (if agreed upon)

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By trying your best to master these 3 topics you will be a better leader at work and in your general life. Leadership is not just something you do on the job but it can be a positive attribute in your day to day life.

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