What is one of the issues that many moms and dads have with their babies? Sleep regression! What is this? How can you stop it? We have the answers and a few tips to help you out!

What is Sleep Regression?

Sleep regression is the term given to those times in which your baby may sleep peacefully and has been doing so for quite some time, then all the sudden they are the exact opposite. They may fight sleep to the point that they become exhausted, get up frequently throughout the night, and basically make you feel as though you have several babies, not just one!

Why do these Sleep Regressions Happen?

Sleep regressions are normal. They happen as the child is going through various developmental milestones. It is common to see at various stages throughout their lives. For example:

  • 4 months of age
  • 9 months
  • 12/13 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months

Tips to Help

There are several tips that we have that could help you. Remember these when your child starts to go through this sleep regression!

  1. Be patient. This is not something that you can prevent and not something that your child can control. Expect some extra sleepless nights and giving lots of snuggles to your child.
  2. Stick to your bedtime routine even when you know that your child is going through one of these sleep regressions. Having a schedule can help this regression to last a shorter period of time.
  3. You may need to increase the daytime naps for the short period of this so that your child is not super grumpy. It’s also a great idea for you to take a nap at this time as well!
  4. Many parents consider co-sleeping during this time since they are so exhausted. This is up to the parent, as there are those who support this decision and others who warn against this!