As adults, we tend to stick to a particular daily schedule, from waking up to going to work to making dinner and any fun activities in between. At times, it can feel monotonous, however, it does offer us a sense of control over our day.


So why should it be any different for children?


Schedules and routines in childcare can greatly benefit children as they grow. We give a few reasons for why that is.


4 Reasons Why Schedules & Routine Is Important For Children


Sense of Control


Schedules and routines allow children to understand how their day will play out. Rarely can young children tell time. However, they can understand structure. If a routine is established for them, they will be able to grasp what sort of activities each day might hold. For example, if snack time is consistently followed by nap time in childcare, children will learn the routine and not feel like they’re simply being pulled from one task to another.


Quicker Learning


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If children are afforded the opportunity to repeat the same daily schedule, they’ll better learn how each task should be accomplished. For example, if your child sticks to a routine of making their bed every morning, they’ll slowly get better at it over time. However, if this task is more infrequent, they may have to start from step one each time.

Pretty mother helping her daughter brush her teeth

More Independence


Naturally, if children are feeling more accomplished and confident in their routine, they’ll feel more secure in the knowledge that they can take the day on more independently. If they know that craft time comes after lunch in childcare, then perhaps they’ll take the initiative to bring out the supplies, as they’ve seen the adults in their lives do in the past.


Take More Risks


If a child has a set routine, they feel a sense of security, almost like a safety net. This allows them to become more imaginative with how they choose to spend their time. This isn’t to say they’ll throw the schedule out the window, but rather, it’s like they are able to get more creative with the colours they choose for a colour-in-the-lines drawing. For example, perhaps your child learned how to make a sandwich. They know when lunch is and they’ve helped you make lunch in the past, so they feel comfortable with that particular time of day. The next step is to make this new sandwich with your help. Now, they’re able to take more control of their routine and add their own input.


Schedules allow children to act more independently and with confidence, while building new relationships and taking on new responsibilities. Just as with most adults, routine allows a child to thrive in their environment.


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