We live in a society in which parents who drop their children at a daycare are often looked down upon. However, the same society often looks down on those parents who keep their children at home, rather than putting them in daycare. That is the beauty of being able to think for yourself. So, which option is the best? That really depends on the situation. However, for parents who are hesitant to put their child in daycare, ask yourself why are you hesitating?

Why People Hesitate

The reason that people hesitate about putting their little one into a daycare is often due to ideals that are simply not true. For example, many people have this ideal that if a child is in daycare they are not being watched as thoroughly as they would if they were at home with parent. Other people think that a daycare is nothing more than a gated area for the children to sit and do nothing while their parents are at work.

This is all wrong! At 2000Days we educate those kids in our care. We have a curriculum in which we offer, based on the age of the child. We treat every child with respect, always ensuring that they are happy, healthy and safe. Aer all daycares the same? Most certainly not! And it those daycares who are considered bad apples that have put a tarnished reputation on daycares everywhere.

The Benefits of a Daycare

With this being said, let’s look at the benefits that daycare can offer a child compared to the child that stays at home with one or both parent.

  1. Children who are in daycare are socialized better, thus their social skills are often more highly ranked than those children who stay at home.
  2. Children in daycares have improved sharing skills, important for when they do go to school.
  3. Daycare children often have more confidence, as they are encouraged to try new things and to be more independent.
  4. Children who attend daycare often find it easier to make friends, due to their enhanced social skills.daycare
  5. Most kids who attend daycare walk, talk, crawl and sit up sooner when compared to those children who stay at home.
  6. Kids who have attended daycare often have higher level of compassion, kindness and patience when compared to those children who are only seen by their parents and family until they go to school.

If you are still hesitant about sending your child to a daycare, we recommend that you check us out. We are one of the top-rated daycares in the Calgary area, and we would love to see how we could help you and your child!