Sibling rivalry…it’s a familiar term for many parents. And for many parents, they can relate when they also have siblings that they may have not always gotten along with. The hope of every parent is that their children are going to have strong bonds with one another. After you are gone, you want your children to still be in contact with one another, to continue to grow the family and the like. So, how can you ensure that your children do have a strong sibling bond? We have a few tips!

The Earlier the Better

siblingRemember, that when it comes to bonding your children, you are going to want to start as early as possible. You always want to make sure that your oldest child understands that they are getting a sibling and start this bonding here. You want this child to know that they are the older sibling that they need to be the protector of this new child. You want your oldest child to be excited and ready to accept the new child.

Encourage Children to Play Together

This can be easy or hard. If the children are close in age and have similar interests, chances are you won’t have to do anything as this will naturally happen. However, if the children have a larger age gap and no similar interests then it may be a bit harder. You can suggest activities that you know will be a way for both kids to get along together.

Never Compare your Children

Most parents will say that their kids are different as night and day. Well, of course, they are! Each child is an individual, and even though they are siblings, they may not have any of the same characteristics at all. Never compare your kids…you are going to love each child, all the individual’s quirks that make them who they are.

Conflicts Should be Resolved Tactfully

siblingEveryone has heard this, “He hit me…”, “She hit me first…”, and the list goes on. They argue, they will fight from time to time. Never blame either child. You can turn them against each other by doing this. Instead, resolve the conflict with tact. A great idea, make the kids hug this out at the end every time!

Always Praise Good Behavior

If you see your children are getting along, be sure to praise their behavior. This is going to reinforce the good behavior and help the children to develop a stronger bond. Always let your kids know that they are forever siblings and that this does mean that they are going to be in each other’s lives for years and years to come!