Lately, one of the trends that we are seeing online in terms of parenting is the counterintuitive parenting styles. These parenting styles are the opposite of what we have always been told to do. For example, instead of keeping sharp knives and instruments from children, let them have the knife to learn what sharp is and how to avoid it. Does this sound crazy to you? Those who support this idea state that when you let a child become in charge of their own safety, then they are going to be more aware of what they should and should not do. They become more responsible with what they are given. There are a few more of these counterintuitive parenting ideas that are buzzing around. Who knows, you may find one method that you really like!

Let them Experience Sorrow

parentingWe often try to keep our kids from experiencing a lot of sorrow or sadness at a young age. However, this new parenting style is showcasing that you should let a child experience this sadness. Be sure to read stories that do not have that happy ending in them. Why? It is thought to be one of the ways to ensure that children can lead how to cope with those sad feelings.

Don’t Encourage the “Don’t Talk to Strangers” Rule

This rule was once put into place when we always thought that children were being kidnapped or hurt by strangers. However, studies are showing that this is more likely to be someone super close to the family. The idea behind encouraging a child to talk to strangers is to not really encourage them to go up to people they don’t know. Instead, it is meant not paralyze your child with fear. Many kids are afraid of those bigger than them. However, with this parenting style, it encourages street smarts, which is something that all kids need!
So, what do you think of these counterintuitive parenting styles? Is there anything that you can take away from these styles to apply to your own?